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Performance opportunity

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EXCITING DANCE PERFORMANCE on Thurs 20th and Fri 21st July @ Hawthorn Town Hall

Red Hot Rockers have been invited to perform in an event at the Hawthorn Town Hall on Thurs 20th and Fri 21st July, to be called the "Inaugural Annual Dance Affair" put on by the Boorondarra Council. There will also be a rehearsal at the town hall on Wed 19th July. Performers will be given free entry to the event, and also 2 complimentary tickets for the show for family/friends....

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Cha Cha Capers routine

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Cha Cha Caper


Fwd, bwd twice (basic cha cha)

New Yorker right

New Yorker left, touch hands

Lady full turn clockwise (progressive cha cha section)


New Yorker right

Bye (both turn away - pivot turn)


New Yorker right

Single alamana (lady turns)

Fwd/Bwd to both hands

Cross 4 times, 5th time lady full turn clockwise


Stop (right, left, right)


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Lindy Chorus workshops Mon 15th & 22nd Aug

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Swing is turning 21 in Australia.


August 2016 is swing / Lindy Hop dancing's 21st birthday in Melbourne.


Adrian Spadaro, from Red Hot Rockers, organised the first swing / lindy hop workshop in Melbourne on 20th Aug 1995 when he put on a workshop with Rob Bloom from Sydney. To celebrate there will be a group performance of the Lindy Chorus on Sat 27th Aug at the Buckley Park Bowls Club, Essendon dance with Honkytonk Rockers.


For those ...

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Lindy Chorus, swing 21st birthday in Australia

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May is Frankie Manning Month and swing's 21st birthday in Australia.


Aug 2015 was the 20th Anniversary of Swing in Australia, so in Aug 2016 swing and Lindy Hop comes of age, turning 21 in Australia.


As May is Frankie Manning month, where swing dancers all over the world remember the father of swing, it’s an appropriate time to remember and pay tribute to the father of swing dancing. It’s also 2 years since the Fra...

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Foursome cha cha

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A fun night on Thurs at the Whitehorse Club, all for free. The beginners cha cha class had a good crowd, and most managed the basic moves. The switch was a fun challenge that everyone mastered and are looking forward to dancing at the social dances. The foursome cha cha was also a fun dance to learn and everyone picked it up quickly, so we hope to see lots of people dancing it with their friends at the social dances. See the video below.


Come along on Thurs nights in April ...

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The switch

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The Switch


Have you ever joined in and danced the Switch at a rock n roll dance? At last saturday's CAV dance several rockers from Shepparton started to dance the switch, other couples then joined in until there was a long line of people dancing this progressive dance. It was great fun to dance an impromptu progressive dance and meet new people. It seems it's very popular at country dances, but rarely done in Melbourne which is a pity.

Adrian taught ...

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Adrian dancing triples in VRRDA dance championships in 1993

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Have a look at this youtube clip of Adrian competing in the VRRDA dance championships in 1993 with Chris and Terry Moon.  They are in the middle in black and gold, and they won.  If you'd like to have a go at learning triples (every guys dream to be dancing with 2 ladies at once), let Adrian know.  If there is enough demand he may be pursuaded to do a Sunday workshop.

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Sundays at Camberwell

Posted by jocbloy on August 4, 2015 at 1:00 AM Comments comments (1)

A good turn up for Sunday 3rd Aug with plenty of new beginners enjoying their first go at dancing.  Several of the beginners managed to transition to the intermediate class and enjoyed the challenge of more complex moves.  The advanced class mastered some tandem charlestons and are looking forward to learning some more lindy moves.  Adrian explained how to dance the lindy moves as either a 6 beat or 8 beat.  After some social dancing and a bite to eat, everyone enjoyed the...

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Lindy Workshop 26th July

Posted by jocbloy on July 29, 2015 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Everyone enjoyed the challenge of learning the famous Frankie Manning Lindy Chorus routine on Sunday.  Many had never done swing before so enjoyed the challenge of learning 8 beat swing moves.  If there is enough interest Adrian will teach the routine in greater detail in the advanced classes at Camberwell.

Click on the link for the video of Adrian's demo of the routine, unfortunately the camera played up so I only got part of it.

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Team Dance Demo

Posted by jocbloy on June 28, 2015 at 11:50 PM Comments comments (0)

12 dancers put on a great performance at the Flipside dance on Fri 26th June dancing to the song "Come back my love".  Well done to the following dancers : Adrian and Sarah-Jane, Jocelyn and Charles, Peter and Jeanette, Glenda and Andrew, Jim and Fiona, Frank and Rosie.  Debbie and Marco, and James and Lyn couldn't make it for this performance but will be dancing for the next one.  Everyone looked great in black and red and all got a thrill out of performing in front of 200 peo...

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Line dance for July is Cha Cha Capers

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The cha cha capers will be taught on Wed nights at 7pm in July.  This is a fun partnered cha cha routine that is usually danced to the song "You promised me" by In-Grid and was choreographed by Les Maslin several years ago. It is usually danced in lines but the moves can also be danced individually to any song suitable for cha cha.  The first part is the same as the progressive cha cha and then adds several more moves like the stop and go, the chase, ruthie etc.  Get along...

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"Come back my love" performance routine Sunday May 17th, 24th

Posted by jocbloy on April 26, 2015 at 11:05 PM Comments comments (2)

Looking for a challenge?  Interested in experiencing performing in front of a crowd?  Want to learn some new moves?  Then come along and have a go at the fully choreographed routine to the song "Come back my love". The routine is made up of easily leadable moves to a fun song.  Workshops to be held at Camberwell Bowls Club, 14 Bowen St Camberwell on Sunday 17th & 24th May.  Registration at 2.45, workshop from 3pm - 6.30pm followed by practice and so...

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The Switch

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The switch is a progressive partnered dance done with 3 or more couples in a line to any rock n roll music.  It consists of 4 or so basic pub rock type moves (no backstep) and can be a lot of fun to do with a group of friends.  Anyone can join in at either end of the line.  The girls move on and the guys switch sides. Adrian taught this at his classes in Feb.  If there is enough interest he will teach it again so please request it if you'd like to learn it.

Here's a ...

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Cha Cha Capers routine

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The Cha Cha Capers is a partnered cha cha routine and will be taught at Adrian's wednesday night classes at the Whitehorse at 7pm in May.  It will also be taught at the Whitehorse dance on the 16th of May at 7.30pm.  Its often danced to the song "You promised me" by In-Grid and is a lively routine.  Basic knowledge of cha cha steps will be needed, i.e if you can do the progressive cha cha that is danced at most dances.

Workshops in May at Camberwell Bowls

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May workshops to be held at Camberwell Bowls Club, 14 Bowen St, Camberwell. 

Session times for all workshops.

Registration  2.45pm

3pm workshop part 1                   4.30 break

5pm workshop part 2                    6.30pm until late social dancing and practice

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Advanced westcoast workshop sunday 12th April 2015

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Here's the video of the routine that will be taught at the advanced westcoast workshop at Camberwell Bowls Club on Sunday 12th from 3-6.30pm followed by social till late. Cost $20, BYO soft drinks and snacks/dinner.  Bookings essential on 0402402913 to keep numbers even.

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"Come back my love" routine demo by Adrian and Sarah Jane

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Adrian did a dance demo at the Whitehorse Club dance on the 21st of March with Sarah Jane.  The moves are all being taught as part of the normal classes in March, April and May (3 parts).  The routine will be taught to the dance demo team for performance at dance demos to promote rock and roll dancing.  If you would like to be part of the dance demo team and are an experienced dancer please ring Adrian.  Team members will receive a discount on clothing and shoes. Workshops...

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Cha Cha Capers workshop Sunday 30th April

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Sunday nights at Chatham Primary school, 1 Banool Rd Surrey Hills.

5-9pm $15.


SUNDAY 30th April Special - Cha Cha Caper and Cooter CC workshop



5pm Progressive CC

6pm. CC Caper part 2

7pm. CC Caper part 3&4

8.30pm Couter CC


Cha Cha Capers routine is being danced at every Red Hot Rockers dance to the song "You promised me" by In-Grid. Click on youtube link


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Come back my Love performance routine

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Another intensive sunday afternoon was spent on the "Come back my love" performance routine on Sunday 24th May.  At the end of the 3 hours everyone had mastered all the moves and styling, so with a bit more practice the routine will look great.  Its a challenge remembering all the moves, and mastering the timing, so everyone went home rather tired but happy with what they had achieved.  Watch out for the first performance at the Flipside dacne at the Hungarian Club on Fri 26th ...

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