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All men should learn how to dance.

Posted by jocbloy on November 24, 2016 at 9:20 PM

Many Australian men don’t like to dance as they feel intimidated on the dance floor because they don’t know how to dance. Males who have taken the time to learn how to dance soon realize the benefits of being able to dance in a social setting and become confident in meeting new people. Apart from being a challenging fitness regime, dance classes also teach skills in co-ordination, how to knock down social barriers, how to express emotions and embrace a stranger respectfully in social situations. Men who have learnt to dance gain confidence in meeting new females and learn social etiquette in how to approach a woman and ask her to dance. This can make a man seem more attractive. There is often a shortage of men on the dance floor, so come on guys, get along to a dance class and learn how to dance and impress the ladies.

In our grandparents, and their grandparent’s era, dances were the place to meet the opposite sex and socialize, and everyone grew up learning how to dance. Sadly in our modern day these skills are being replaced by dating sites and apps which lack the subtleties and etiquette of the dance hall days. Once you have learnt how to dance a whole new world of classes, social outings, dances and social networks will open up to you as you discover there are many dances held each week all over Melbourne when you know where to look for them.

So come on guys, get along to a dance class and learn how to dance so you can get out and meet lots of new people, as we are always short of guys.


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