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Treat dance floors with respect

Posted by jocbloy on April 9, 2017 at 8:20 AM

Treat dance floors with respect.

We all love our dance floors and the great dance venues who welcome us. Rock and rollers have a great reputation as fun loving and well behaved patrons so lets all work together to hold true to that reputation and remember to treat our dance venues with respect. Please try not to spill drinks on the floor and avoid carrying drinks across the dance floor. If you do spill a drink, please make sure you wipe it up. A spilt drink can cause a slipping hazard, make the floor sticky, and can ruin the night for anyone with suede soles, as damp suede stops a dancer in their tracks. Use door mats to remove grit or moisture from your shoes to keep the dance floors clean and in good dance-able condition. Please also clean up your rubbish before you leave.


Problems with a fast floor? A build up of wax on your soles may be the problem. Try cleaning the soles of your shoes with a wire brush regularly to remove the waxy build up, or go outside and rough them up on some concrete or sharp edge. Slightly dampening your soles will also slow them down on a really fast floor. Many dancers often take 2 pairs of shoes along to a dance, with a pair suitable for slow floors and a pair for fast floors.


Problems with a slow floor? A piece of black gaffa tape on the soles can speed your shoes up, or if you don't mind what they look like, placing a stockingette over the soles works well as a temporary fix. You can also wipe the soles very lightly with a shoe shine sponge or ask the person running the dance if they mind if you place a small amount of powder on the edge of the floor. Some venues ban powder so always check first, and remember not everyone wants a fast floor.

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