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Adrian's Dance Classes, Melbourne 

Adrian Spadaro 

Adrian has been teaching rock n roll, swing, jive, westcoast, salsa, line dances, cha cha and ballroom styles, for well over 30 years at many venues around Melbourne.

Adrian has a Degree in Physical Education, specialising in Dance, Human Movement, Biomechanics and Care & Prevention of Sports Injuries. He has won Victorian & Pan Pacific titles in Rock 'n' Roll and Doubles Rock 'n' Roll and has been dancing all his life.

Adrian introduced swing dancing to Melbourne in 1995 when he orgainised the first swing dance workshop in Victoria. Many of the rock n roll dance teachers currently teaching in Melbourne started off with Adrian when he taught them how to teach. He enjoys seeing the joy people gain from mastering new moves on the dance floor and is always happy to see the smiles on peoples faces when they master a dance move. 

Over the past 30+ years Adrian has taught thousands of people to dance, in many different styles, given many new teachers a start, employed many people, run thousands of social dances, as well as being a DJ, run a recording studio and a talent agency.  He is excited to be able to give new students the joy of dancing.

In 2017 Adrian was inducted into the Victorian Rock and Roll Dance Association (VRRDA) Hall of Fame for his considerable contribution to the Rock and Roll dance scene over many years.  See below for details.


Contact details;  Adrian ph: 0452211860

Adrian dancing doubles routine from 1993

Adrian and Chris black rockhouse champions 1993
**  Congratulations to Red Hot Rockers dance teacher Adrian Spadaro for his nomination for Victorian Rock n Roll Dance Association Hall of Fame for 2017. **

Adrian has made a considerable contribution to the Melbourne rock n roll scene over the past 25 plus years, firstly as a dance competitor, then as a dance teacher and dance promoter. Adrian and dance partner Chris Black were well known on the dance competition scene in the early 1990’s, and together built up one of the biggest rock n roll dance schools in Melbourne.

Adrian started teaching rock n roll in 1991, and has continued to teach each week in many areas around Melbourne, including Camberwell, Burwood, Coburg, Surrey Hills and Wantirna. Over that time he has taught thousands of people to dance, not only rock n roll, but also swing, jive, salsa, cha cha, westcoast and line dancing.

Many of the current rock n roll dance teachers started their teaching careers with Adrian. Adrian mentored them, encouraged them to teach and also employed them. Jon Hannon of Alley Catz, Debbie Krause of Swing Dance with Debbie, Pat Noakes of Swing Central, Rhonda Watts of Renegade Rockers, Dave Dooley, Wendy Gapper and Gavin Preston are all well-known teachers in the rock n roll scene due to Adrian’s encouragement.

In 1995 Adrian introduced swing dancing to Melbourne when he put on a swing workshop on 20th Aug with Rob Bloom, who was teaching lindy hop in Sydney. He then hosted Catrine Ljunggren, from Sweden's “The Rhythm Hot Shots” the following December, later followed by a workshop and dance with Silvia Sykes from California. Although Adrian is not generally known around town as being part of the Lindy Hop scene now, without his initial contribution the swing dancing world in Melbourne would have taken a much more difficult road to arriving where it is today.

Adrian has employed many people over the years to help run his social dances. Some, like Little Maria, Debbie and Angelo, have then gone on to run their own dances after learning the ropes with Adrian. Maria Battaglia started working for Adrian to help run social dances many years ago, then went on to run “Little Marias” dances for 13 years, and was also nominated for the VRRDA Hall of Fame.

Adrian has continued to run social dances all over Melbourne for many years, making sure dancers have somewhere to go and bands have somewhere to play.

A considerable contribution to rock n roll over many years and a deserving recipient.

Jamie Azzopardi

Jamie joins the teaching team in April 2021 teaching rock n roll on Monday nights. 

 Jamie has been teaching rock n roll for 20 years.  Jamie is very patient and loves teaching beginners. Come and try some of his great intermediate and advanced moves.

Andrew Fulton

Andrew joins the teaching team in April 2021, teaching street Latin on Tuesday nights.  Come along and say hello.

Jocelyn and Charles

Jocelyn and Charles are hosting the Sunday nights at Chatham Primary from Jan 2018.  They have both been dancing rock n roll for 15 years and have been dance partners for the past 12 years.  They both enjoy helping people master dance steps and are teaching line dances, partner dances and progressives on Sunday nights.  Jocelyn has been running the Red Hot Rockers website since 2013, as well as the publicity for the dance classes.  Come along and say hello on Sunday nights, and feel free to ask for help if you're struggling with any moves.

Sunday nights class closed permanently on 8th Dec 2019.